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museshowcase's Journal

Muse Showcase: A Place for Inspiration
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A hub of inspiration

Welcome to museshowcase, a community where various users (aka "muses") post inspiration for everyone to enjoy. Please make sure you read the columns to the right to make sure you know what's going on before doing anything else.

Put simply, this is a community for inspiration. Providing you with this inspiration are your resident muses. Each of us will post different things - anything from a fanmix to a picspam to an icon post - at different times - with the goal of an entry every few days - for you to draw upon for inspiration for your creative works.

In addition to posting inspiration, users will have the option of posting the work (be it fanfic, poetry, icons, Tumblr graphics, wallpapers, picspams, fanmixes, or whatnot) they created as a result of inspiration from a specific post. These posts, called Inspiration Round-Ups, will be posted once a month.

Please see our posting guide before posting.


Here's a quick & dirty list of what you can expect to find (or post) at museshowcase. This list is by no means comprehensive; it is only meant as a guideline. If you want to post something not on this list, as long as it's not on the list to the right, feel free to ask at the page-a-muse page here. Now, onto what we post here:

• Stock photography
• Fashion photography
• Screencaps or promotional images for movies/television
• Wallpapers
• Picspams
• Icons
• Misc. graphics
• Fanmixes
• Poetry
• Stories
• Quotes
• Words
• Songs
• Album covers
• Interviews
• Music videos
• Tutorials
• Textures
• Brushes


museshowcase offers a place to post many things. However, some things are NOT allowed here. They are as follows:

• Promotions of other communities/journals (if you want to affiliate, please go here)
• Personal posts (IE, something you'd post at your own journal)
• Rants about icons (that's for iconrants)
• Asking for constrictive criticism on your work (try icons_concrit)
• Asking for help on coloring, effects, errors with your graphics program (see icon_tutorial, good_tutorial, coloring_help, and similar)
• Flaming and/or bashing any other member or community
• Outright pornography (artistic nudes or other NSFW things should have a warning & a cut)
• Anything else not related to inspiration. (Not sure? Page A Muse here.)


This community is the brainchild of enriana. She runs it, and is also one of your muses.

You can apply to be a muse, or view our current muses, here. The page-a-muse post - where you can voice suggestions, questions, complaints, constructive criticism, problems, and requests - can be found here. Our tags can be found here.

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